Kittens arrive - good and sad news

Well the kittens were born in the early hours of Tuesday 29 July. I think the thunderstorm set Sassy off! The first - a breech birth - arrived at 0105 and the last at 0245. She had seven in total - it looks like 5 chocolates and 2 browns. So far I haven't checked their gender - I'm too exhausted after a couple of nights sleeping on the sofa in preparation for the birth! None of the kittens are particularly large but the first one was quite small.

This morning they were all alive and kicking and attempting to suckle, but sadly, after taking a shower and pottering about in the kitchen for a short while I went back into the lounge and Sassy was quite agitated, miaowing and fidgeting about. I picked her up for a cuddle and there was the teeniest of the kittens underneath her. Either it hadn't had the strength to wriggle out when she sat on it, or she knew something was wrong and suffocated it. Attempts to resuscitate weren't successful. Although very sad, nature sometimes takes over and it's better that it happens now rather than when it was a few days or even weeks old.

Well I'll keep updating as things go on - fingers crossed that I don't have any more sad news to report and that the remaining 6 kittens go from strength to strength!
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