Suki - RIP

Many people reading this will already be aware that Suki has been ill for some while as her kidneys gradually failed. However you may not know that last weekend, on Sunday 7 February, she couldn't fight anymore.

Suki was a brave little cat, a real fighter who experienced so much during her 14 years, 11 months and 1 week. She was a beauty - a winner on the show bench and a gorgeous example of her breed. She won many rosettes, bags of cat food, balloons and even the occasional bottle of champagne. She always preferred the food so I helped out with the champagne!

Elsewhere on the site I will post a fuller tribute to Suki. I'll miss her. But it's the one thing that, as a pet owner, we sign up to, the moment we let them into our home and heart. It's almost inevitable that we will survive them, and therefore our commitment to them not only includes loving them, feeding them, keeping them warm, safe and healthy, but also being able to let them go when it is time. And we have to recognise that time, and put our selfish desires to one side - because it will never be the right time for us.

Rest in peace, my beautiful girl.

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