Kittens are one week old now!

Well doesn't time fly? It's amazing to think that this time lst Saturday we were still waiting for Sassy to have her babies, and here I am a week later, posting the first update about how they're all getting on!

There was great excitement on Thursday when I noticed that one of the browns had opened one of its eyes already. Tht's quite early; I wouldn't normally expect that to happen until they were about a week old. The others are now beginning to show signs of eyes opening but this little one was very advanced. So as a result, he (I think!) has been christened Bandit.

I've been weighing them every day to make sure they are putting on weight and you can see from the weight chart that they have all gone over the 100gm mark and are progressing nicely. I'm having to keep an eye on the littlest browns as they are beginning to be pushed away from the best bits of the milk bar by their bigger siblings. I don't want to start top-up feeds just yet but will do so if they continue to put on less weight in comparison to the rest.

Not really much more to say as they don't do very much in the early days, but meanwhile here is a photo of Bandit.

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