Happy birthday Pickle!

Today is Pickle's 17th birthday! Sadly I wasn't at home much with him but we've had lots of cuddles this evening and he's played with some toys and had some posh chicken food. He might even get to snuggle up with me in the bed tonight too! The kittens are all over him but he just lets them play until he's fed up then he just moves away :-)

I haven't blogged for a while but the kittens have grown so much as you might have seen from the kitten pages. I hope you've enjoyed the videos which Philip has been filming, and have managed to get an idea just how gorgeous this whole litter is. They should all be leaving for new homes in the next couple of weeks. One is staying at home - the one who was the smallest right at the start has grown into a very lovely little girl and I hope she will do well on the show bench in the future. One of the others is also going to be shown as well, just to see how she does.

I'll post a summary of their show career as they go along!

In the meanwhile - happy birthday again to Pickle :-)
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