Happy news

I am so happy just now - we have decided to give Suki another chance! She has rallied this week in the few days she has been at home. She has put on 200gm in weight, bringing her back to 2.4kg. Her usual weight is around 2.7 so not too far off.

I knew in my heart that if I wasn't going away that there's no way I'd be taking that decision tonight - that if it had just been a check-up we'd have been saying how well she'd done since coming home on Monday. She has eaten well this evening and she has "chirruped" for almost the first time since Monday evening.

So she will board at the vets along with Pickle to keep her company, and will be smothered in love and affection by the nurses 24/7, and Gerard will be able to keep an almost daily check on her. We came to this decision after much discussion and I asked his professional opinion. He said that her creatine levels were normal and the blood urea was high but that could have been down to other causes, and the fact that she has put weight on again suggests that it wasn't necessarily kidney failure after all - or at least, not a failure that couldn't potentially be reversed. And that's why he'd wanted me to bring her home, to see if that reversal could be achieved, or at least started.

To everyone who sent prayers and thoughts, thank you so much for your love and support; it's amazing that such a little cat can engender so much love. I hope you're as happy as I am, but please keep those good vibes heading Suki's way for a while longer, and watch this space for updates.
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