May already!

I can't believe that a third of the year has already gone by! I've spent just under half of it overseas, most recently in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) but got held up on the way home in Beijing as a result of the volcano cloud. That was really tedious as the Gang were all at home and my parents had to supervise the replacement of my old conservatory!

Anyway over the past few days Sassy has been on "honeymoon" with a gorgeous blue boy called Prince. Prince is King's son - King sired Sassy's previous litters, so we are keeping it in the family. The fact that Prince is blue will mean that this is a good chance to prove if Sassy carries the blue gene and can produce blue kittens. Fingers crossed for the end of June!

The travelling is over for a while and I have to say it's nice to be home again and not thinking of packing for the next destination. It gives me an opportunity to snuggle up with the Gang, and most importantly to spend time with Sharni and Pickle, who are not getting any younger. They have both got quite clingy and spend most evenings curled up on my lap. This is particularly unusual for Sharni ,who has always been a bit aloof.

More soon when I find out if Sassy is pregnant or not!
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