There and back again

Well since my last post I've been in Cape Town. That was an unexpected trip caused by someone going into hospital. I heard on Monday and left on Wednesday, and was away for about two and a half weeks.

Of course the gang all had to go back into the cattery and I heard on the day I came home that Suki had been ill and was at the vet's surgery. So I was over there on Saturday morning, fresh off the plane, and she was really skinny and on a drip. Gerard says it's possible that this time she really has gone into renal failure. So she stayed there over the weekend and I've just brought her home this evening. I am going to try and get her weight back up again with liquid food and anything else she'll eat, plus a cocktail of tablets, and we're going to reassess at the end of the week. I'm due out again very soon but the vet's concern is that Suki is getting very stressed by coonstantly going in and out of boarding, so if I do manage to get her to rally by the end of the week, I'm going to do my very best not to have to do the complete trip but to come back after 10 days or so. If the office management then says I have to choose between overseas trips and the cat then I know what will come first!

More updates soon.
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