Remembering Looney

Well today is the Longest Day of the year, June 21st. It was on this day in 2004 that I had to let my gorgeous Bengal boy be euthanised to prevent him suffering further from cancer, aged just 8.

Many people reading this will probably never have met Looney. He was a brown spotted Bengal, called Looney because of his habit as a kitten of sitting on the head of a decorator who was doing some work for my dear friends Rosie and Barrie. Looney was a rescue kitten and looking for a home. I fell in love with him and they allowed me to adopt him and bring him home. From the start, his alternative name was Tigger. He bounced everywhere and on everything and everybody. He loved cuddles, he loved to play and he most especially loved the helium-filled balloons which in those days Suki managed to win at shows fairly frequently. He is still sadly missed in the house.

Looney also loved kittens and that's where we move to the next update. Sassy had a false pregnancy this time around, and sadly we won't be hearing the patter of little paws anytime soon. However she has had a check-up at the vet, and he pronounced her to be in excellent health and we have no reason not to try again next time she calls. As it looks like she is beginning to do so at the moment, hopefully she'll be going back to stud with Prince in the next few days - once I've checked the calendar to ensure that the birth won't co-incide with my next work trip to Hungary!

As for the rest of the Gang - Pickle is his normal adorable self, loving to cuddle up and still enjoying life at 16 and a half. Sharni - at just over 15 - has got very thin and is now on tablets for renal failure. However she doesn't seem to be in any pain, and got through her annual checkup without too many problems, although the extent of her world has shrunk to the lounge, kitchen and replacement extension (which is very nice). She is also very fussy about her food and getting her to eat almost anything is a cause for celebration most days. Teddy is trying to be as bouncy as Looney but has realised that unless he is very lucky I am now locking the bedroom doors so he can't do his trick of letting himself in :-)

More updates soon...
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