Happy news

I am so happy just now - we have decided to give Suki another chance! She has rallied this week in the few days she has been at home. She has put on 200gm in weight, bringing her back to 2.4kg. Her usual weight is around 2.7 so not too far off.

I knew in my heart that if I wasn't going away that there's no way I'd be taking that decision tonight - that if it had just been a check-up we'd have been saying how well she'd done since coming home on Monday. She has eaten well this evening and she has "chirruped" for almost the first time since Monday evening.

So she will board at the vets along with Pickle to keep her company, and will be smothered in love and affection by the nurses 24/7, and Gerard will be able to keep an almost daily check on her. We came to this decision after much discussion and I asked his professional opinion. He said that her creatine levels were normal and the blood urea was high but that could have been down to other causes, and the fact that she has put weight on again suggests that it wasn't necessarily kidney failure after all - or at least, not a failure that couldn't potentially be reversed. And that's why he'd wanted me to bring her home, to see if that reversal could be achieved, or at least started.

To everyone who sent prayers and thoughts, thank you so much for your love and support; it's amazing that such a little cat can engender so much love. I hope you're as happy as I am, but please keep those good vibes heading Suki's way for a while longer, and watch this space for updates.

Suki update

It is with much sadness that I am sharing this information with you all.

After a long discussion with Gerard, I have decided that it is kinder to Suki to let her go in peace rather than continue to simply exist. She isn't in any pain at the moment but she has severe renal failure and it is really just a question of when rather than if. She came home from the veterinary surgery last night and I will have some time with her here at home before Gerard comes over to the house on Friday evening. Then I and the rest of the Gang will be able to say our goodbyes in the peace and warmth of her own home.

Your prayers please on Friday evening for a gentle journey for Suki to the Rainbow Bridge.

There and back again

Well since my last post I've been in Cape Town. That was an unexpected trip caused by someone going into hospital. I heard on Monday and left on Wednesday, and was away for about two and a half weeks.

Of course the gang all had to go back into the cattery and I heard on the day I came home that Suki had been ill and was at the vet's surgery. So I was over there on Saturday morning, fresh off the plane, and she was really skinny and on a drip. Gerard says it's possible that this time she really has gone into renal failure. So she stayed there over the weekend and I've just brought her home this evening. I am going to try and get her weight back up again with liquid food and anything else she'll eat, plus a cocktail of tablets, and we're going to reassess at the end of the week. I'm due out again very soon but the vet's concern is that Suki is getting very stressed by coonstantly going in and out of boarding, so if I do manage to get her to rally by the end of the week, I'm going to do my very best not to have to do the complete trip but to come back after 10 days or so. If the office management then says I have to choose between overseas trips and the cat then I know what will come first!

More updates soon.

Home for a while

After a long trip to Moscow, during which I met lots of my friends as well as working really hard, I'm back home for a few weeks before heading off to the next location. It's nice to be back and able to be with family and the Gang again - and to be able to thwart Teddy's new trick!

He really is a little monkey. To start with I couldn't understand why he kept getting in the bedroom. I know on previous occasions I've not shut the doors properly, and he's gone in and played in there. But the past few days I've been convinced I shut the doors really hard. And then I heard the thumps as he flung himself into the air and banged against the door.

It's interesting in that it shows he's got a bit of intelligence in that little furry head but irritating as well. So I've had to start locking the bedroom doors. He hasn't yet cottoned on to that! It's amusing when he misses the handles - I don't know if you've ever seen those cartoons when the cat slides down a wall or door or something with it's claws out but it's quite funny to see it in real life!

Suki and Sharni have both had their dentals and post-op checks and they're doing okay. Both have lost a bit of weight and so I'm trying hard to get them to eat more so they put it back on again. The vet has put them on tablets to try and increase their appetites. I'd like them both to be back up to 3kg - or close to it - before I head off again. They seem to have taken a shine to Whiskas supermeat, and anything with gravy. But if it's too chunky I have to put it through the blender for them otherwise they just lick off the gravy and ignore the meat!

Home again...

well that's Moscow done... a long trip and hard work but we had some fun along the way too. Great to see a number of my Russian friends both in Moscow and St Petersburg, and seeing the Russian National Orchestra perform Tchaikovsky symphonies on the new stage of the Bolshoi Theatre was magic.

Came back to Suki and Sharni both suffering sore mouths, and a chat with the vet on Saturday led to them both going in to the surgery this morning for urgent dental work. Suki has only 5 teeth left now - not sure about Sharni. Collected them this afternoon and they were happy to be home and actually wanted to eat! May have had something to do with the fact that they hadn't had anything since 9 o'clock last night...

Pickle and Teddy have followed me around much of the time since I got home from the trip; lots of cuddles needed there! Sassy has been her usual mad crazy self dashing around like a mad thing almost all the time, but right at this moment she's curled up with Suki and Pickle next to me on the sofa. I thnk we're all looking forward to me staying at home for a while!

Two lots of fabulous news came through while I was away, from Steph Beirne who owns Charley - see her blog on one of the links on this site. Charley had kittens earlier this year and Steph kept one - a lovely chocolate girl called Chiara. Well Chiara entered 2 shows as a kitten during September and had unbelievable results! Check out the blog for more info... well done Chiara and Steph!


It's been a busy few weeks since I last posted.

A work trip to Abu Dhabi and a short holiday to Cyprus. One tough and busy, the other totally relaxing and sun-drenched. Wonder if you can possibly work out which was which...?

Plus Suki has been quite poorly. I hope she's holding her own now, but it;s very sad to see such a beautiful old lady go downhill as fast as she has. Gerard the vet was really quite shocked to see her condition when I took her in just after I got back from Abu Dhabi. She'd lost 200grams in just one week and he thought it might be kidney failure. Anyway he put Suki on a really expensive liquid food (that's why I call it liquid gold!) and I syringe-fed her for several days before going on hols to Cyprus.

Luckily she managed to put the weight back on that she'd lost, but even so Gerard is not convinced that her kidney's aren't a problem - he calls them "depressed" kidneys! - but the fact she's held the weight back means that maybe it's not quite a serious as first thought. Anyway. she boarded at the surgery while I was away and after a few days she began eating by herself - pilchards, Whiskas, Sheba - lots of yummy stuff that she hasn't touched since she came home again!

The sad thing is, because she now has to have medication twice a day, which she hates, she now runs from me because she thinks I'm going to shove some horrible tablet down her throat. I have to approach her with open hands so she can see there's nothing there.

The rest of the gang are fine. Teddy is getting a little chubby - whatever he says - and so he's been restricted from eating up the wet food once the others have finished. He's pretty cross about that, and apparently had to be locked out of the kitchen while I was away so that Sharni and to a lesser extent Pickle could get their "wet" rations without Teddy pushing his way in.

Anyway, I haven't got any absences planned for a while now, so it'll be nice to see them all more and get back into a routine. I'm shortly going to see Steph and Charley with the kittens, which were born in early May. I'm looking forward to seeing them and it sounds like Charley is being an excellent mum. Hopefully we'll be able to get some more photos up on the friends area soon and perhaps Teddy can even talk Charley into doing her own "new mum" blog-spot! Watch this space....

Happy Easter!

Well if you've read Teddy's blog you'll know that I've been away for a while. I was on a work trip to Toronto which was a lovely place. Cold, but the weather was kind to us and the sun shone most of the time. managed to get to visit Niagara Falls, about 2 hours drive from Toronto but worth it. However it was unexpectedly in the middle of a rather tacky town. I suppose it's just built up around the Falls but it was rather surreal. I had some idea that it would be a national park and sort of a wilderness area but it wasn't. A bit like the pyramids I suppose - they're photographed from one angle but turn 180 degrees and you're faced with the city.

The Gang were fine staying with Rosie and Barrie although apparently Teddy was a bit subdued on one day and a bit sick. But he's fine now and rushing about as usual. Suki has come back looking a bit on the thin side, but Sharni maintained her weight which I'm really pleased about. I think Sassy is coming into "call" as she's incredibly affectionate. I'm going to leave her off the pill this time as apparently she should have an occasional call to keep her muscles in trim.

Easter is looming and I'm lucky enough to have a good long weekend ahead. It'll be nice to have a few days to really relax and get back into the right time zone! Depending on the weather, there's some gardening to be done, and over 300 photos to sift through from Canada (and that's after the first sift!)

Have a good weekend yourselves, whatever you're planning on doing, and fingers crossed for a beautiful spring weekend.

Brrrrr! Welcome to February!

Well it's been pretty snowy here. One foot deep in the garden on the level and 18 inches in the drifts. My plant pots more or less disappeared, and I've had two enforced days off because SWT haven't got the trains running on my line yet. Here's a photo of my railway station:

The cats have spent most of the time snuggled in the warmest places they can find - whether that's in the radiator beds or snuggled up against me, they don't care as long as it's warm. Teddy's been out a bit enjoying the weather (perhaps that's not the right word exactly)! He's sunk in it up to his elbows but luckily the depth of the snow in the run isn't as deep as that outside on the lawn. Check out his blog for pix of Teddy in the snow!

Anyway, it's beginning to melt a bit now, the icicles are dripping and the snow is gradually sliding off the roof and the car. I think it'll take another 2-3 days or the snow to go, but the roads are still treacherous, with packed snow where cars have driven past turning into an ice rink on the side roads, and into crunchy slush on the main roads. That's going to take a lot longer to clear.

A few days ago Sharni went to the vet for a check-up because she's been losing weight. She had the full range of "older cat" blood tests, and they all came back negative for any infection or illness. It's good to know that her kidneys and liver are all working fine, especially as she's coming up for 14 years old. The vet says I cn feed her waht she wants when she wants it, so while I've been at home she's been having some extra meals during the day. As well as the dry food she has with the others at breakfast and dinner, she likes wet food that's in gravy, so I mash some of that up for her and she usually clears the dish. I just have to keep an eye on her and her weight, and take her back if she continues to lose it.

Suki came through her dental work fine, and seems to have stopped snoring!

More soon....

Happy new year everybody!

I haven't blogged for ages - probably because I've been too busy writing up Teddy's thoughts instead. But I thought I'd let you know how the rest of the gang are doing.

Suki went to the vet yesterday for some dental work. She stayed in for the day and I picked her up again late afternoon. She had 2 small teeth out but Gerard tells me that her sore throat is more due to ulcered gums rather than bad teeth. So we have to keep an eye on that and hope it doesn't get too bad for her. Gerard also discovered a smal mucosal tissue flap in her larynx. He thinks it was what was making her wheezy - she's always been wheezy and snores loudly! He trimmed it back a little but of course at the moment she's more wheezy than ever. But he thinks when the swelling goes down she'll find breathing a lot easier.

Sharni's a bit thin so I'm taking her for a check-up at the weekend. She's eating fine, and all the 'natural processes' are normal, so I hope it's nothing serious. Fingers crossed...

Pickle and Sassy are fine. Pickle loves to cuddle, especially in this cold weather. Sassy is a bit on the nervy side, and hisses at Teddy a lot. He is so young and likes to play a lot; she's the only one near his age but being his mum I think she gets a bit fed-up with him too! Probably doesn't help that he still tries to suckle...

I had a nice photo of Marmite recently, which should be upon the Friends page soon. Marmite was from Sassy's 2nd litter and went to live with Pauline and Maurice near Reading. Also, some great pictures of Oscar, who was one of Min's kittens many years ago and who went to live with Davina and Mark near Wokingham. Oscar must be almost in double figures by now... he has had the joy of welcoming several other cats into his house since he moved in. Pictures of him should be on the website soon too.

So - that's about all that's been going on with the gang so far this year. When I'm not writing for Teddy I'll be putting some more info on here... keep coming back to check out the pages!

Well I know Teddy's told everyone what a naughty boy he was this week, breaking a dish on the kitchen worktop and knocking a Christmas cactus onto the floor. How did I know it was him? The soil in his coat was a bit of a giveaway!

I've heard from Lucy with Watson, and Geraldine with Tui this week. Lovely to hear from them how the babies are getting on. Sad news from Geraldine though - their 20 year-old Burmese girl Bisto had to be euthanised. It was all very sad but Bisto had a good innings and it sounds as though she had a new lease of life at the end with the arrival of Tui (and the puppy Treacle). It seems that Tui is very much the boss where Treacle is concerned. And she has a lovely place to sleep - in bed with Geraldine's young son Paddy! Lucy has sent some photos of Watson and I hope they'll be on the Friends page very soon.

Pickle and the rest of the gang haven't done much this week; it's been so cold they've all been snuggled up in the radiator beds. This morning I came home from shopping and there was all five of them in one of the beds. It's so nice to see that.
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